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Photographer's Bio

Photographer/author Keith S. Walklet of Boise, Idaho is well known for his fine photographic prints of grand landscapes of the American West, especially of his former home, Yosemite National Park.  Part photographer and part mountain goat, Keith favors “lofty vantage points where the drama and personality of the landscape is revealed on a grand scale.” His appreciation for remote vistas often requires strenuous wilderness hikes and overnight stays at great elevations, where the oxygen is thin and the nights very cold. These solitary forays to narrow, wind-swept ledges ensure that he is in place to greet the first rays of the emerging dawn and the last, colorful moments as dusk gives way to the evening sky.

In the last few years Keith has expanded his photographic palette. According to Keith, “Lately, I’ve been exploring the elasticity of light: compressing it, stretching it, looking at layers of light, all in search of the poetry that resides within the fractions of time. By toying with time, I’ve expanded my visual pallet beyond simple, literal interpretations of a scene, to impressions of a moment. Longer exposures, where either the camera or subject are moving, have the feeling of paintings with bold brush strokes. Shorter exposures reveal layer upon layer of information. But, they all share a sense of wonder at the magic that is going on around us at all times.”

Keith is a native of the East Coast who traded a daily commute (from Connecticut to New York City) and most of his belongings, for a camera and motorcycle, with which he explored the continental U.S. and Alaska. Arriving in Yosemite in 1984 "for one winter," he set about documenting its grand scenes and subtle beauty.  The "one winter" became fourteen years, providing him with an opportunity to thoroughly explore the Yosemite region with his cameras. Over time he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to anticipate and capture the spectacular atmospheric phenomena definitive of the alpine landscape.
Since moving to Boise, Idaho in 1999 with his wife Annette, he has continued his exploration of the West's scenic beauty. His work has appeared in numerous publications and has authored several books, including "Yosemite, An Enduring Treasure" and "The Ahwahnee, Yosemite's Grand Hotel.” He is also featured in the book “First Light: Five Photographers Explore Yosemite’s Wilderness.” Keith is an instructor for the prestigious Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops In Yosemite Valley and others.

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